Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking Foward To These Things.

-Playing many shows in November and at the Manning Bar
-Going up to Queensland to play some shows with Sun Tzu and The Warxxx
-Hanging out on later summer nights skateboarding with my good friends

Come suss me out at these shows
7 Nov 2008 6:00 P
Manning Bar AA w/ Confession, As Silence Breaks, Jack Napier and Hand of Mercy Sydney, New South Wales
14 Nov 2008 6:00 P
St Ives Youth Center (fitz youth center) w/ Jack Napier, Hand of Mercy, Wolves and More.. Sydney, New South Wales
16 Nov 2008 2:00 P
Manly Fishos w/ No Love Lost, Hand of Mercy, Anime Fire, Sixlip(NZ) plus more. Sydney, New South Wales
30 Nov 2008 2:00 P
Hermans bar w/ Antagonist AD (NZ), The Broderick and Shinto Katana Sydney
12 Dec 2008 6:00 P
Nambour ArtSync w/ The Warxxx, Reach Out, Sun Ztu and xStregth Through Purity Nambour, Queensland
13 Dec 2008 6:00 P
Expressive Grounds w/ The Warxxx, Before The Throne Sun Tzu, The Farewell Gold Coast, Queensland

all good
peace DCOLD

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Weekend

So.... on the weekend i played a show at a place called carhold. My good friend/drummer in my band Relentless came to pick me up at about 1 30pm before that these 2 dudes came to my place and sussed us some new lights he asked me is the lights round or simple (haha only a few people would know what im laughing at). Got to the venue then went to get a feed with my good friends dean and steve and deans brother kane at ole KFC fuckin let me just say one thang fried chicken anywhere is the best thing ever!!!!!! was all good. Later on my other good friend Trentless and Quinn came and met us there and shit then went back to the venue chilled for ages and then had a little practise for my old band minor league basically cause we have'nt jammed in forever. Then the show started first up was my good friend owens band time will tell (suss them out good band) they played well i was impressed by them they played a sweet set, It was the first time i have seen them even tho ive been to 2 shows theyve played at but i never got the chance to see them untill then haha. After 9lives played their set was pretty much unorganised but i dont blame them haha their singer wasnt their Tomito the dude that was runnin the show sung for abit on crotches!!! for gods skate and their guitarist sung abit, shit thing shayne their other guitarist and a friend of mine doesnt really know the songs properly haha they covered TERROR so it was all good and i had to sing it my ribs were fucked after it i couldnt even breathe. After sat down for abit and what do i get muther fuckers throwing stones at me im like please mr stop it i dont know you i was like the kid off Billy Madison haha Then!!!!!.......................the one and only MINOR LEAGUE played dun da da!!! haha it was fun playing these songs again plus a new one. Steve is a fucked cunt as a frontman dude is funny as hell!!!!!. RELENTLESS my current band was up next while setting up Steve broke a guitar string basically because before hand i was rocking out to hard when i was using it so he had to borrow shaynes one. Played a good set was hot as fuck tho was good seeing people getting into it and props to My good friend Padz from shinto and my good friend joelzy for lending us gear. Sun Tzu then played they played a sweet set full travelled 9 hours plus to come play a garage show so props to them for doing that. Their "crew" had these saftey vests and shit on it was pretty funny to me and shit Trentless also lost his shit cause a dude kept hitting into kids for no reason. Last was my good friends SHINTO KATANA these guys are always great to watch all week i have been bugging them to play the entire 06 demo but they only played the bond which was sick. That pretty muched wrapped up the show. After the show went for a skate with my good friend paul and steve at good old Bondi skatepark hung there for ages until like 3am. There will definatly be more nights like this in summer again. Got a feed at big johns before hand massive garlic bread pizza style then skated. Landed a few tricks but the ledge was ruff as fuck trucks just did not move ae. After went to pauls and just crashed down which is what im gonna do right now haha. Today Sunday was a very hot day didnt do much but went to band prac for my laos rock band haha didnt do anything tho was pretty shit. After that went to get a feed at a thai and laos restaruant in Cabramatta with my cousin and mates ive never seen so many Lao teens/young adults in one place before and everyone of them spoke Lao to each other not english haha. Came home and cleaned my room and hung with my good friend Danai and wrote off a teacher at my old high school all night haha basically cause the teacher is like some "pop" sensation dude in england or somewhere fucked if i know the dude thinks hes like the man and shit. Cant play Xbox360 because i leased it for 20 bux for 3 days to my mate haha which was cool now i have nothing to do so i went on the computer and spoke to some friends one of my friends told me she had all time low shorts on which i found random haha so i told her i did aswell she didnt believe me basically cause i dont have them so i drew a massive ALL TIME LOW on my shorts and took a photo haha she had a good laugh at it so it was all good. Then i started a this blog which is good and shit i thought these things were shit and stuff im using this just to blog random shit and all that jazz ya heard!.SO YEAH! That pretty much is a Wrap a shit week ahead with nothing to do but work and shit will skate during the week suss you another time peace!.


So i have decided to make on of these blog things right. Not much i can say on it but i will tell you abit about myself. My name is Dennis aka DCOLD aka D aka who??. I was born and raised in SYDNEY the best city in the world ya feel me in an area called Green Valley. People might think this as "The Ghetto" but really it isnt that bad haha. I play bass in RELENTLESS ( this band is pretty much what i do, i dont know what i'd be doing if i wasn't doing this band. I basically refuse to get a full-time job i dont know why tho. I skateboard everyday or every 2 days.
I'll suss some stories to write up and shit for ya'll to see and what im up to and shit
untill then